Parking at Frankfurt Airport Gets Even Smarter

J.Heppner English


Making an online reservation for a parking space at one of the parking garages at Frankfurt Airport is becoming increasingly popular and includes plenty of advantages: It is convenient, offers an attractive discount of up to 61 percent, and can be carried out quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

One new feature is the digital parking receipt, optimizing the travel process even further.

All parking data contained

This mobile parking receipt contains all of the necessary reservation data and can be stored in the customer’s smartphone wallet with a single click.

In addition to the QR code, which is used as the means of entry and exit, the mobile parking receipt consolidates all of the important parking-related information – and updates automatically to reflect booking and status changes.

Receipt shows row and level

The mobile parking receipt even shows the row and level where the customer’s vehicle is parked. Customers without a wallet will still receive a welcome e-mail containing their row and level when they enter the parking garage.


Thanks to GPS, the mobile parking receipt is displayed on the customer’s lock screen as they approach the airport, saving them from having to grapple with their smartphone as they enter and exit the parking garage.

As expressed by the airport operator’s slogan, “Gute Reise! We make it happen”, Fraport is constantly engaged in meeting passengers’ needs by developing and introducing new services and facilities to enhance the customer experience and raise satisfaction levels at Germany’s largest airport..

More information on the travel homepage

Passengers can find more information about the mobile parking receipt and reservation options on the Frankfurt Airport travel homepage.

More information on the wide range of services at Frankfurt Airport is available at, in the Service Shop, and on the airport’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.